The moons glow rests not only within the skies When you can hold in wisdom, the waves of your journeys ruptures as the moon carries the oceans; You shall hold the essence and beauty of its light ©Nessa Sheron

Winters Rain

I mean, W H A T else contains the beauty held by the first bloom of spring? Someone once said: "A new season is born upon the death of another." That in itself is a mysterious miracle. Inspired Poem:  After winter's rain can bloom only the brightest rose A jewel of springs spirit following a silent... Continue Reading →

Willows Weep

[Nature, our first teacher] When we look down below Like the leaves of the willow Maybe we will find it's message living in the soil its branches graze The same soil that feeds us; carries us; and unites us under its sun We may glimpse into the power of togetherness, brotherly love and benignity traveling... Continue Reading →

Patterns In Life

Some patterns become extraordinary when we label them with meaning but what we'll remember is the moment we do the unthinkable and change them. Life itself is a beautiful pattern but it is woven with fine intricacies of change and unique detail. Pursuing the thought to add some "extra's" into the ordinary's of life may... Continue Reading →

The Stones That Build Us

Grounded into the rivers of our hearts Peculiar curves they hold We layer them one by one to speak for us To identify us We encourage ourselves with its rough color of choosing neither one shade or another We name them one by one as experiences, memories, and tokens of wisdom With time and a... Continue Reading →

| Another Vision Of A City

A snippet of Toronto through my eyes: A POEM In the midst of towers high lives a flame below this city's fiery sky A territory of motivation A history of fright and darkness Now a place of a gusting wind moving all to unravel their deepest perspectives and inner visions Its inspirational detail lives as... Continue Reading →

A Rose Can Touch More

A rose can touch what is unseen with the softness of its petals, going deeper than the pierce of its thorns. The rose is a lesson, a teacher, a healer, a reflector. An imagery of good dwelling with the bad and the hearts decision to rest on its petals beauty. It is a mysterious construct... Continue Reading →

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